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The perfect mini journal to brainstorm all your fabulous and fun ideas whether you have a special occasion approaching, a birthday party to organise, or simply enjoy entertaining.
Intrinsic's bright pink, pint-sized journal easily slips into your pocket or handbag to carry with you for whenever inspiration hits and you need to jot down those light-bulb party planning moments!
Run your fingers over the beautifully embossed cover as you visualise all the fun ideas you've seen on Pinterest and how you can turn them into reality.
Use this mini journal to:
Brainstorm your vision and ideas
Store snippets of inspiration, contacts and lists
Consider the theme, decorating and colour palette
Jot down a guest list, keep track of RSVPs and numbers
Organise your seating plan
Compare quotes from suppliers
Add songs to a music play list
Whatever your intentions, put pen to paper to set the wheels in motion and fill your little journal with creative ideas to be the most spectacular hostess.