My Bright Ideas for an Inspiring Home

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A beautiful home comes about not from the money you spend on it, but the love you pour into it and this handy mini journal will awaken your creative spirit as you dream up a space that is a reflection of your soul and spirit.
Intrinsic's dreamy coral pint-sized journal easily slips into your pocket or handbag for whenever inspiration hits and you need to jot down those light-bulb home improvement ideas!
Run your fingers over the beautifully embossed cover as you visualise what unique blend of colour, textures, pattern, sounds and aromas you want in your sacred space.
Use this mini journal to:
Plan to redecorate your bedroom
Keep before and after pics
Figure out how to sort the bookcase
Sketch DIY renovations or full-on extensions
Write a wish list of new artwork and decorative pieces
No matter your intentions, put pen to paper to create a most inspiring home that is a reflection of your soul.