My Bright Ideas Vibrant Body & Mind

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In our busy lives we can forget the importance of maintaining a vibrant body and mind. This mini journal will help you take back that control to guide you towards happiness, positivity and a richer, fuller life.
Intrinsic's dreamy yellow, pint-sized journal easily slips into your pocket or handbag to carry with you for whenever inspiration hits and you need to jot down those light-bulb healthy living ideas!
Run your fingers over the beautifully embossed cover as you visualise what a vibrant body and mind means for you.
Use this mini journal to:
Develop a plan for a healthier diet
Plan your exercise routine
Set a meditation ritual
Create new healthy living habits
No matter your intentions, put pen to paper to get you bouncing out of bed in the morning with energy, vitality, a positive mindset and a can-do attitude to life.